Wheely 4 Game

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Wheely 4 HTML5

Wheely 4

Wheely 4

Wheely 4 is the 4th version of the game Wheely. This is a very attractive game of the genre of racing game with a bit of fun. Unlike other games, Game Wheely 4 leads gamers on journeys to discover wonders in new lands. Simple gameplay, funny pictures, cute this is a great gift for all ages. Wheely 4 belongs to this intellectual category that will take you to the new adventure of small car named Wheely.
In previous Wheely games, you worked hard to help Wheely overcome challenges. This time, Wheely encountered a very rare incident, that is, Wheely accidentally fell into a time machine and was brought back to prehistoric times. Your task in the game Wheely 4 is to help Wheely overcome challenges along the way to escape from here. Join this unexpected journey with Wheely in the game Wheely 4 to help Wheely return to the present.
Wheely 4 offers interesting gameplay with interesting puzzles at each level. Different mechanisms will force you to think twice before pressing those big red buttons. Bad times will get your sports red car stuck or worse. Your goal is that the player is creating a clear path for Wheely on each level. To do that, you must solve the puzzles and provide a safe passage for Wheely to reach the red flag at the end of each level. You can also try to find hidden items in each level to earn stars. There are two items you definitely need to pay attention to. One is the tire, cleverly hidden somewhere in the background. The other is a toy version of Wheely! You won’t be able to see the toy easily, but you should do everything possible to find it. Searching and collecting both items and completing levels will help you earn a total of three stars.

How to play game Wheely 4

Use the left mouse button to manipulate. By using your mouse to click on the car to move and click on support items, help Wheely overcome all and complete this exciting trip.