Wheely 5 Game

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Wheely 5 HTML5

Wheely 5

Wheely 5

Wheely 5 is a sequel to a very interesting and interesting intellectual game series, where you will accompany Wheely on a new trip. Wheely’s peaceful life is threatened by a meteorite disaster. Help Wheely do everything he can to save the world.
Wheely 5 is a place to solve puzzles for adventure and excitement. Your task in the game is to help Wheely clear all obstacles from Wheely’s path by solving puzzles, pressing buttons and pulling levers, just like in the other popular series games! In each level, you will face different puzzles. They may seem difficult to solve, but if you put your thoughts up, you will be able to break the mystery. Before you start moving Wheely around, consider the level and learn the mechanics. You can press some buttons to see what happens, but sometimes that will get you stuck on a level. To activate a button or pull a lever, all you have to do is click that button with the left mouse button. Clicking on Wheely will make him move. If you want him to stop, just click on him again. Some riddles require you to be timed carefully or Wheely will get stuck, or worse.
No longer the usual racing games, Wheely 5 gives you relaxing moments very comfortable.
Features of Wheely 5 game
13 levels to play
Colorful graphics
Interesting riddles
Entertaining game

How to play game Wheely 5

By using the mouse to click on the car to move, click again to stop, use the support tools to help Wheely complete the mission in this game.
Please try to use your wits to overcome these levels.
Click interact with items available on the screen to find the riddle. Complete them one by one and win this good game.