Wheely 8 Game

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Wheely 8 HTML5

Wheely 8

Wheely 8

Wheely 8 is a story about Wheely’s journey to explore the world. In the previous sections, the player was accompanied by Wheely to go through difficult situations, remove obstacles to be able to go home safely.
During Wheely’s eighth adventure, the alien spaceship crashed right next to where Wheely and Jolie decided to go on a picnic. These aliens are very friendly and they need help to fix their spaceship. Wheely offered to help them, and he trusted you to handle the situation. Turn this picnic into an unforgettable memory by helping aliens and showing them the friendly Earth to stop a future invasion.
Your mission in Wheely 8 is to help Wheely travel through cities, forests and other places to collect the right tools to repair alien spacecraft. I just need to know someone suitable for this job, the local repair shop owner. As a player, your job is to help Wheely complete each level as he tries to collect the right part. Similar to other games in this puzzle adventure series, you must solve puzzles and clear different obstacles at each level to create a safe path for Wheely to help him escape. out. The end of the level is marked with a red flag and achieving it without being trapped or killed is your main goal. You can also try to find two hidden items in each level for extra points: wheels and toy cars. The controls are not as complicated as the latest alien technology. All you have to do to activate and move the puzzles and other mechanisms in the levels is to click on them.

Features of Wheely 8

12 levels
Interesting riddles
Colorful graphics
Entertaining game

How to play game Wheely 8

Click interact with items available on the screen to find the riddle.