Wheely Game

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Wheely HTML5



Wheely belongs to the adventure game genre, this is a strategy game based on the ability to judge and sharpen the eyes to find a way to help Wheely cars reach the finish line safely. Wheely is one of the attractive mini-games because of its simple gameplay and cute images.
Wheely is a shy car but with the desire to become a No. 1 racer on the prestigious race track. It’s contradictory for a timid spirit but very interested in transcending yourself, isn’t it? So, please help this carboy overcome difficulties and challenges, help him strengthen his spirit to quickly participate in the race and become an outstanding racer. Discover Wheely with the magical world of wheely in Wheely.
Unlike conventional racing games, your mission in the Wheely game is to help Wheely overcome all obstacles to return home safely. Wheely’s journey will be difficult, you just need to use the mouse and adjust the support tools to be able to complete the game. Help this ambitious cargo to town to take part in the race by solving puzzles that go all the way.
Challenges are waiting for a lot of genres, so this will be one of the intellectual games that you should definitely try once. Imagine how a young boy is struggling psychologically and the challenges that need to be overcome. But having a helping hand, sharing with him those pressures, is definitely the motivation to help Oto car to achieve success.
In life, too, sow a small seed, so that it can grow and grow rather than drown an idea just because we are not interested enough in it. Do not rush to give up because maybe the people who will help us are waiting for us ahead. Try to pursue your goals and help others accomplish your goals.

How to play game Wheely

Use the left mouse button to play the game. When playing the game, pay attention to the mouse whenever the hand appears to find a car and complete the board with 3 stars completely.