Wonderputt Game

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Wonderputt HTML5



Wonderputt is a simple but very interesting golf game, with a scene designed quite sophisticated and detailed. Players simply use the mouse to adjust the direction and force of the ball. The game integrates physical effects and unique reading motion along with a quite vivid sound.
The miniature golf game model will be recreated at Wonderputt. Players will have a miniature world with moving parts to create an 18-hole layout. The entire course is laid out on screen in a world, and it’s like an adventure and you’ll pass these 18 holes. Each of these holes will pass through buildings, into Stonehenge, down ski slopes, and into waterfalls among others.
Playing golf is considered a valuable sport and few people have the opportunity to touch the golf club and their hands. With Wonderputt you will be exposed to a miniature golf model, holes and associated structures. Your task in the game Wonderputt is to control the mouse to hit the ball into the hole. The special thing is that the game has only one level but with interesting physics effects and the terrain of each screen is extremely unique, ensuring that you have never met it before. Use YOUR MOUSE to aim and set the power of your shot. Try to get the ball into the hole with as few strokes as possible.

How to play the game Wonderputt

Simple mouse control goal and click to put the ball in the hole.
Practice on any holes by selecting from the score screen.
Unlock the Wonder Collect Mode after the first full game is completed to maximize your points.
And if you like miniature golf, Wonderputt will love it. It gives you some nice situations that you will only see in this game. It is a very easy and simple game to learn, where you have a number of options to play, that is, be it individually, in a duo or you can also participate in a championship.