Wrestle Jump Game

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Wrestle Jump HTML5

Wrestle Jump

Wrestle Jump

Wrestle Jump is a very good and fun wrestling game. Participate in exciting WWE wrestling matches, use the bounce of your feet and combine with ingenuity to knock your opponent to the ground.
Big guys with crazy power, these guys will be our new stars in a TV show called Wrestle Jump. People will love them, and admire them. This is crazy, this is our brand new competition throwing enemy heads to the ground. The rule is simple: grab your opponent, jump, smash him to the ground and make him pay for your sin.
Get your athlete jumping on one leg and try to push other wrestlers to the wall. Make him touch the ground or the border of the playing field to win. You can play against the computer or with your friends. Choose a multiplayer mode to battle other online players from around the world. In the exciting online game Wrestle Jump, each player has 5 attempts. The first wrestler wins five wins. Enjoy and join this exciting free Wrestle Jump wrestling game right now.
Skillfully use your power to make the opponent hit his head to win. You can choose the mode of 2 players to play against each other very attractive. Play Wrestle Jump and beat the opponent to prove you are a true wrestler.

How to play Wrestle Jump

Player 1 press W or left click the button on the screen
Player 2 press M or left click the button on the screen