Wrongway Game

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Wrongway HTML5



Wrongway is a great driving game, where you can customize your vehicle and build your own routes thanks to a warehouse with many different objects. This game is made by Roberto Mulas, who created many great driving games. There are many building objects so you can create a risky and creative way to follow your creativity. Those building objects could be an intersection, a straight line, a drum, a tree, or a parking shed … All of which will help you build a route. your own boldness. You can then save the created routes and reuse them or share them with other users through forums or other download channels.

You will then join a racing game with other cars, avoiding them and obstacles on the road, trying to survive as long as possible. Your ultimate survival will determine your victory.

In this game you can adjust the color of the vehicle, the type of vehicle, the wheel and also a garage for you to upgrade and repair your vehicle. When you travel a lot and bump into many objects on the road, your car is easily damaged, now you need to take the garage to repair, or you can also bring it here to change the color or style of the car for less boring.

This game is completely free to play, exciting sound and beautiful interface will take players to an exciting driving world.

At this game you can practice virtuosity driving, sudden acceleration and deceleration, sweet navigation.

How to play

Wrongway is played with the following keyboard characters:

WASD or arrow keys: drive or move building camera

Mouse: camera interction

Enter: reset car

R: repair car

T: slow time

C: change camera

Space bar: handbrake

As one of the most attractive driving games on their website, it will bring you many joyful emotions, help you have moments of relaxation through a hard working day and studying. In addition to this game you can also enjoy other games at our website.