Zombie Derby 2 Game

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Zombie Derby 2 HTML5

Zombie Derby 2

Zombie Derby 2 is a super hot zombie shooting action racing game. Control a pit vehicle fully equipped with weapons and perform the task of ramming, destroying all zombies. In each game screen, gamers will drive from left to right in a scene style. There will be countless obstacles on the way such as bloodthirsty zombies, wooden crates, tires … for you to shoot, stab, ram, crush. Besides, the path the player passed is not flat because of the continuous uphill, downhill and deadly mine traps. Use energy to reach maximum speed and make beautiful flights to avoid mine pits. Play Zombie Derby 2 and experience a class game for yourself.

How to play

Up Arrow or W = Accelerate

Left right key or AD = Tilt vehicle

Space bar = Shoot zombies and obstacles

Shift or N = Super speed