Zombie Launcher Game

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Zombie Launcher HTML5

Zombie Launcher

Zombie Launcher

Zombie Launcher is a completely new action game and free shooting game in which you will have to prove your ability to shoot with a cannonball to throw zombies. Your goal in this game is to launch zombies from a cannon and hit happy faces to collect them. It is not as easy as you imagine. There will be many obstacles that prevent you from touching your face easily. You need to eliminate the obstacles first by using various techniques. Use physics and gravity to get rid of objects.
Zombie Launcher has a total of 42 challenging levels players. You get points at each level depending on your speed and the number of zombies you have used. Click in any direction you want the zombies to be launched. The further you click, the stronger the cannon and the faster the zombies will fly! Launched zombies will disappear after you shoot a new one, so keep that in mind.
The game’s captivating artistic design is much more lovely than the premise suggests. For all the intestine that is threaded on the screen, the level of violence never exceeds anything you see in an edgy Cartoon Network. No blood or chewing the brain is visible. In fact, all are quite pleasant. Can you complete Zombie Launcher, an exciting and challenging online game?

How to play Zombie Launcher

Players will use their mouse to determine the direction of shooting. The more you move the mouse pointer away from the cannon, the more powerful the shot will be. You will find solutions as you go through the levels. Do not hesitate to pause the game if you want to take the time to think about the best strategy. Be quick and effective with every shot to get a high score in each level.