Zombo Buster Rising Game

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Zombo Buster Rising HTML5

Zombo Buster Rising

Zombo Buster Rising

Zombo Buster Rising is a game to protect the stronghold. Games are exciting battles with lots of monsters and heroes.
Your kingdom is living peacefully, when zombies come to attack and destroy the kingdom, so a group of heroes stand up and destroy the enemies to protect the kingdom.
The zombie groups come in turn and shoot bullets to destroy the hero, and you will have to shoot at them to destroy them. When you kill some zombies you will receive money, use this money to buy upgrades for your character or buy more heroes. There are stronger zombies and must use stronger heroes to fight them.
After defeating all zombies you will unlock for the next level. Use your heroes along with upgrades to destroy all zombies and win every battle.
The health level of the zombie is expressed through the health bar on the bridge of the small zombies and for large zombies there is a long bar located above the screen. You will destroy zombies until this bar is exhausted to the end. Your health is represented by the pink heart index in the bottom left hand corner, if it runs out you also lose your life.
This game is completely free for players to play online or download to play, playing online will help you save the results of the battle and compete with other players on the player achievement rankings. If you do not have regular internet connection, you can also download this game to your computer to play.
The game is compatible with most devices such as android, ios, computers so it is very convenient for playing, you can play anywhere at any time.
This game is suitable for all players.

How to play Zombo Buster Rising

Zombo Buster Rising is controlled as follows:
Left click (Hold) – Capture
1 2 3 – Magic
Q W E – Item (Survival mode only)
P – Pause