Zombotron 2 Game

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Zombotron 2 HTML5

Zombotron 2

Zombotron 2

Zombotron 2 is the sequel to the zombie killing game. You have an important task to infiltrate the zombie occupied area and save the survivors in it. Use your skills and weapons to defeat zombies and survive.
You will go through a series of tunnels, paths and platforms and kill every zombie on your way. Follow the instructions each time you encounter a new challenge.
You are equipped with a gun with a certain amount of ammo, on the way to find survivors you need to kill the zombies before they kill you, collect items when you shoot and kill zombies, items on the way, can be money, can be blood, can be bullets, … There are boxes to upgrade the weapons, you touch them and activate, then it will show a Table of weapons you can upgrade, use the money earned to buy those upgrades.
Zombies can attack and lose your blood if they come close or have weapons that can be used. So you need to keep a certain distance from them.
Explore the zombie-dominated world and take action on your own terms. Remember to always monitor the indicators in the upper left corner of the screen and especially the red blood line. When this line is exhausted, you will lose your life. When killed you will be revived from the nearest point and continue the journey to kill zombies and search for survivors. But your number of revival is limited so you need to try to survive.

How to play  Zombotron 2

Zombotron 2 is played through the following controls:
AD or left / right arrow to move, when going to higher roads you need to use W or up arrow to jump, and when encountering obstacles or zombies use Left click to shoot, to get things in the chest or Connecting to other things requires E to interact, R to reload, when you die use the Space bar to respawn