Zombotron 4 Game

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Zombotron 4 HTML5

Zombotron 4

Zombotron 4

Zombotron 4 is an addictive platform games game that you can play here directly in your browser, free of charge. Zombotron 4 is an action game with defense elements. In this new underground lair of action, you must clean a planet from zombies.
Try new missions and level up by collecting any items that you can find also you must find items to fuel your spaceship. Zombotron 4 from zombies and other enemies of the planet save the last human creature. Pick up money and upgrade your weapons. Once more you have to defend the planet against the zombies.
In this vote, we will control a man who will join us who will have to go through the steps in the vote section, and we will fight against the zombie current that the radioactive surgeon has revealed.
We have to shoot with the weapon of the zombies that are coming forward without dying throughout the time machine.
Zombotron 4 We must stop the zombie stream by following the remaining bullets of our over-armed weapons that will reveal the opposition.
The fourth part is a favorite of our game Zombotron our hero finds himself in the future. Here reigns the ruin and the world are ruled by large corporations. We have not only to fight against hordes of zombies but also with large companies that rule the world. Wandering on the locations using all means of transport that find, collect new weapons and destroy hordes of monsters. Be careful not to fall into the trap.
Have fun with Zombotron 4!

How to play Zombotron 4

- Use WASD to control your hero.
– AD or left/right arrow to move
– W or up arrow to jump
– Left click to shoot
– E to interact
– R to reload
– Space bar to respawn