4th And Goal 2018 Game

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4th And Goal 2018 HTML5

4th And Goal 2018

4th And Goal 2018

4th And Goal 2018 is the new version of the series of super addictive football game 4th and Goal. Coming to the game, you will be able to choose the color of your favorite team and start participating in a fierce football match and eventually win the championship. When starting the game, you choose the difficulty level and the command. After this you will see photos showing the construction of the players of your team. You will have to click on one of them with a mouse click. After that, the match will begin. When the ball goes into the game, you will need to possess it, and let them pass between their players to pass to the opponent’s sides and have to score a goal. If you are attacked by an opponent, you will have to knock down their players and take the ball from them.
Just like the traditional rules, you have to score more touches than the opposing team to win the match. Make great moves and play with style. This game is suitable for football fans and those who are interested in sports games. Are you confident in your football skills? Join the game to prove your ability.

How to play 4th And Goal 2018

The game does not cause too much difficulty for players, but you also need time for yourself to be able to get acquainted and better control in scoring goals.
– Use arrow keys to run
– Use the space bar to perform an action
– Press the ASD keys to pass the ball and W to use acceleration