Animal Raceway Game

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Animal Raceway HTML5

Animal Raceway

Animal Raceway

Experience the super frenzied race with your favorite animal in the game Animal Raceway. You will be able to join the speed journey with your favorite animal, overcome a world full of dangerous traps.
You are trapped on a desert island, your task in the game Animal Raceway is to train your animals in an effort to win the top league and escape. Or alternatively, help a shark, badger, dog or horse faster than any other animal on the track.
To start playing, you select an animal at the beginning of the game based on its stats and train it to help it become the world’s fastest animal in the top-flight racing tournament. Improve your reaction time to do better when hearing your whistle, agility, health which will save all your stats, stamina and even stat base speed friend. Get the highest speed and stamina to win all races, then you will receive a gold medal and a contract to become a spokesperson for Wheaties. Play through many different tracks and see if you can put first in all of them.
Features of the game Animal Raceway
Play with your favorite animal: As long as a favorite animal, be it shark, badger, dog or horse.
Go to the end of the level to win.
The game owns beautiful 3D graphics.
Fun gameplay with vibrant music, beautiful images.

How to play the game Animal Raceway

Use the mouse to train in small games to improve your stats then go to the track to race against other animals. Finish in the top 3 in the tournament to go to the next tournament.
The game has beautiful 3D graphics, the animals are designed vividly and honestly like in real life. Many stages have various and varied personal requirements suitable for many ages and will surely bring relaxing and comfortable moments for everyone.