Basket and Ball Game

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Basket and Ball HTML5

Basket and Ball

Basket and Ball

Basket and Ball is a cool basketball game with physics elements. In Basket and Ball, you have to bounce the rebel ball into the jolliest of baskets while solving puzzles and gathering bonuses. Control the rebel ball with touches or keyboard and lead it into the basket! Dribble the ball by pressing space or tapping the jump button. Pass through obstacles and perils scattered through the court and solve puzzles to achieve victory! Avoid spikes and fires, extinguish the flames in waters, propel the ball with springs and trampolines and run away from levitating police robots armed with tasers! Put your reflexes and wits to test on 55 levels of crazy basketball fun! Excel in sports and win shootout challenges where the player has to show some good throwing precision to hit the basket at least once out of 3 throws. Gather stars and pick up game changing bonuses scattered across the basketball court. Use the time stopping bonus to make the ball stop in mid-air and relaunch it wherever you want! Pick-up gravity inverting bonus to be able to reach impossible spots next to the ceiling. Turn the ball into stone and roll it through spikes and fires with the stone bonus. Give it some extra bounciness with the pump bonus to reach better heights and bounce of doughy surfaces. Enjoy the soundtrack from the late 80s and the crowd’s emotional cheering as you make your way through this unusual sports arcade game.

How to play Basket and Ball

- Press space to jump down and bounce.
– Press the left and right arrow keys to move left and right.
– Press space rapidly to activate power mode and jump higher. Jump into the basket to beat the level.