Basketball Master 2 Game

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Basketball Master 2 HTML5

Basketball Master 2

Basketball Master 2

Basketball Master 2 – Will you become the master on the field in this challenging sports game? See if you can put the basketball through the ring in each level while you try to collect three stars. You will face some tough competition, though. Other players have great skills!
You may have been crowned or the queen of basketball shooting games on the playground, but have you ever hit a shot around the wall and a defender? Have you ever popped a ball out of three trampoline and into a net? That’s what it takes to become a true champion in the accuracy, timing and confidence of Basketball Master 2.
Find creative ways to overcome defenders that your opponent may not be able to repeat. The more obstacles around, the less likely your opponent is to execute it. This Basketball Master game will definitely be a hit at your next party.
Rest assured, there will be hours of fun with Basketball Master 2, whether you want to shoot hoops yourself or with other players in two-player mode. However, if you crave more challenges, we always try to bring you a stable choice of sports games and skills in addition to basketball shooting games so you never get bored.
Not simply racing or shooting basketball games, this genre requires creative and critical thinking to achieve success. Be sure to check out each game, as they all bring new and exciting opportunities.

How to play Basketball Master 2

Play through 40 challenging levels and try to solve physics-based puzzles. You need to avoid solid obstacles, players, smashing glass and wood and figure out how to get the ball through the ring!
A true basketball master can make it rain 3 pointers on the first try. If you think you’ve got what it takes to keep the rage coming, even if a defender is facing you, give this game a shot.