Basketball Master Game

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Basketball Master HTML5

Basketball Master

Basketball Master

Basketball Master is the European version name of the computer game basketball Fernando Martín Basket Master developed by Dinamic in 1987. You are a player and your goal is to shoot basketball into the ring and make high scores than. Once you’ve mastered the perfect shot, challenge your friends to perform some intense one-on-one action! Take turns giving it your best shot – whoever misses loses.
Line up your shot and score goals to become a basketball master! In this sports skill game, you can see the trajectory of each shot. Aim at the center of the ring, and drop the ball at the right time. Harder levels have more guards and a moving ring!
A true basketball master can make it rain 3 pointers on the first try. If you think you’ve got what it takes to keep the rage coming, even if a defender is facing you, give this game a shot. Be warned, it is a very uncomfortable situation – if you miss, you will lose. So take your time, arrange the perfect shot, and let it fly!
In Basketball Master, you can show your talent by bouncing the ball around and scoring points by making some awesome shots! Grab the ball and go to the basketball court. This game has different positions and lots of balls to choose from! Can you earn the highest score and become a legendary player?

How to play Basketball Master

Train your basketball shooting skills in this addictive sports game. Touch and drag the basketball to have a perfect picture.
Click and drag to aim your shot and put it into the basket. You can break wood blocks and ice by shooting the ball with more power.