Basketball Stars 2019 Game

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Basketball Stars 2019 HTML5

Basketball Stars 2019

Basketball Stars

Basketball Stars 2019 is a game about basketball sport with high entertainment nature. This game will bring exciting experiences for basketball enthusiasts, offering single and multiplayer options and a variety of game modes to show off your basketball skills.

Join the game with game modes: you can combine players from around the world to fight one-on-one, or play 2-on-2 teammates, or you can take part in training before you step into the real match … In this game you can fly up to throw the basket, steal the ball or block the opponent’s ball, to master these skills you need to practice a lot.

When you or your opponent throws the ball into the basket, you will receive points and make the other person cry. The match is limited by a specific time, after the time runs out the person with the higher score will win the final.

You can compete with your friends to determine who is better and challenge other players.

This game is completely free to play and you can play it on computers or mobile devices. It will help you relax or kill time …

This game was created by MadPuffers and was released in May 2019, with the same developer who created a fantastic Moto X3M series.

How to play Basketball Stars 2019 game?

Basketball Stars 2019 is played in two ways:

- Control 1 player:

For 1 player, you will use WASD keys or arrows to move:

S: pump / block

X / L: shoot / steal

A + A or D + D or left / right arrows twice: dash

K / Z: super shot

- Control 2 players:

+ For player 1:

Use WASD: move

B: To shoot / steal

S: pump

A / D twice: dash

+ For player 2:

L: To shoot / steal

Use the arrow keys: Move

L: Use the down arrow

Use left / right arrows twice: dash

To create beautiful balls requires players to practice very skillful combination of character keys.