Big Head Football Game

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Big Head Football HTML5

Big Head Football

Big Head Football

Big Head Football game is completely free for all ages. Play Wayne Ronney, Mario Bibotelli, Cristine Ronaldo and many of the team’s famous football players in a one-on-one game. Score more goals in two minutes and reach the championship.
There is always time for a little footie, literally. In Big Head Football, you control a famous head of modern football, equipped with a single giant foot and try to score points before your opponent. Who is equipped similar. Special effects randomly appear on your screen, can change the game quickly. Perhaps football became small or the walls appeared before your goal? Win all your matches to dominate the tournament. Crazy fun awaits in Big Head Football.
If you have the green features with football, you will have an advantage over your opponent. If you get the red feature, your opponent will have the advantage. The yellow feature does not gain advantage both you and your opponent. On single player game mode, you will participate in group qualifiers. If you succeed in this, you will play football matches in this order as quarterfinals, semi-finals and finals.
In Big Head Football, you can pause the game, mute the game sound or you can return to the main menu with the buttons located in the lower right corner of the game screen. Do not forget to keep track of the match time. For football games playing two people is best.
Move to the side, football is hard to control. A soccer game with easy controls that everyone can learn in 1 second. Defeat opponents with fancy deadly attacks like dragon shooting, ice shooting and light firing and win the tournament. You can also associate with friends or global users through gamecenter. Play this fun Big Head Football game anytime, anywhere.

How to play Big Head Football

Arrows = Move/Jump
Space = Kick