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Description: is a game of strategy and skills with a very simple but addictive gameplay. You will play with many people and have to fight those people, customize your character (circle) in any way to fight to destroy the remaining players. This game can play up to eight players at once. Use the quick play feature to quickly enter the game or can create custom games and set up the game the way you want.

There is an editor for the game so you can create your own maps and share them with other players. Put game mechanics and obstacles in the map so they are challenging, use the level editor to easily see how the game works and get tips. Join the game to survive in an ever-changing environment or push each other off the screen, battling the rest in hundreds of different maps. You control your circle to move to the sides, fly up to push your opponents off the map or cause them to destroy or avoid hazards and try not to let yourself fall out. You can change the gravity of the circle to use it according to your purpose. The obstacles in the game can be always moving or resizing bars, maybe heavy circles rolling towards you…

There are many levels in the game, each level has a different challenge. each other – you must be alert and handle the situation quickly. This game is being constantly updated with new features and improvements.

How to play game?

Bonkio needs your name to play. You will then use the arrow keys to move your circle and hold the X key to increase the weight and move the platform of the objects. Many players will get used to the mechanism of the game and will draw their own way to play.