Clutch Hitter (ARCADE) Game

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Clutch Hitter (ARCADE) HTML5

Clutch Hitter (ARCADE)

In the Clutch Hitter game (ARCADE), there are 26 professional baseball teams to choose from. You will be the manager of your team. Therefore, you can choose who your starting pitcher will be, and if he starts to lose the advantage when the game takes place, you can go to the arena for a relief pitcher.

When you’re throwing the ball, you can set the shots for your weak shots, especially when it’s the last inning and your pitcher is in a bat state. Learn how to replace it appropriately, and you will be the champion.

Unlike most baseball games, you don’t have to play a full set of rules 9 times each time you play. In Clutch Hitter, you have the option of playing a game of five, seven or nine innings. This will be useful because you can finish a game even on short trips.

How to play game

Use the mouse to play