Dunk Shot Game

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Dunk Shot HTML5

Dunk Shot

Dunk Shot

Dunk Shot is a super addictive basketball arcade game, in which your goal is to shoot as many baskets as possible without missing out. You must score in a basket with free-fall basketball. You will earn points for every basket you make successfully. The basket will be higher in the sky every time, scoring points into the basket to earn points.
If you miss your shot, the ball will fall from the sky and you will start over from the beginning. Try to aim the perfect shot and swing the basketball without touching the rim for additional rewards. When you make money starting, you will be able to buy awesome new basketball skins to help you score points in style. None of these extra balls have any special power or anything, but they do add a bit of variety to the game.
Dunk Shot is an arcade basketball arcade game, and like all Ketchapp games, it has nice graphics and addictive gameplay. There are also online rankings, so you can compete with other players around the world. It can be said that this is a game that anyone should try because it will cost a lot of time to conquer the win.

How to play Dunk Shot

The way to play in Dunk Shot is simple: you aim to shoot by moving your finger around the screen. When you let go, the ball will follow the trajectory you created. If you make it into the basket, you can shoot again. If not, you lose. When you place multiple baskets consecutively, the game becomes more difficult, with the baskets moving or being placed in hard-to-reach places.