Enduro Racer (SMS) Game

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Enduro Racer (SMS) HTML5

Enduro Racer (SMS)

Instructions Game

Insert coin: Keyboard – Shift
Start: Keyboard – Enter
Move: Arrow/Cursor keys

More: Open Controls Settings


Enduro Racer (SMS) was originally used as a Sega arcade. This is a casual racing game, just like the more popular stable friends (Hang-On and Out Run). The idea is to let your dusty bike cross the road of Saki Road, pulling the wheels over and jumping. It was a very popular game at the time, and the quality had transitioned to the home computer market.

Press Up, Down, Left, Right at the title screen. The level number will appear on the right side of the screen. Toggle it with Up and Down and start the game to go to the chosen level.