Football Rush Game

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Football Rush HTML5

Football Rush

Football Rush

Football Rush is a fascinating soccer simulation game, where you can control your players in a real-time 3D world. This is a fascinating sports game, attracting millions of players around the world with great gameplay and top-notch graphics.
There are thousands of players in the football world, each with their own unique team. Challenge other teams, take control of your team development and strive to be the best player in the game, you can play individually or can participate in tournaments or football federations
Your mission in the Football Rush game is Pick up the ball and dodge, bash and dash over the opponent as you run towards your victory. Later in the game, it becomes more difficult, so take advantage of the different powers on the field and grab them along the way to help you win. Use different tactics to avoid being dealt with by your opponent and you will definitely win each game.
Use your defenders to help block the opponent. Test your skills, compete with friends and beat the best teams.
Football Rush has a simple game that is not too difficult but still brings many interesting emotions. Especially for football fans, you will have a lot of options to create your own team.
Every match in Football Rush will be an extremely difficult challenge when you have to face experienced players and in the last game will be the best player you need to overcome if you want to win.
Football is a sport that always attracts sports lovers. Play the Football Rush game to try great feeling with the ball and the new rules of play.

How to play game Football Rush

Use the arrow key to Run player
Use Spacebar to Shake off enemies
Use U to Pause game