Minicars Soccer Game

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Minicars Soccer HTML5

Minicars Soccer

Minicars Soccer is a unique game that combines elements of soccer and racing. In the game, You can play with friends or play with the computer.

In this game, you control a powerful car and have to throw a giant soccer ball around the playground to score. There are seven different models to choose from in Minicars Soccer; Speed ​​and maneuverability vary with the model. At the same time, you can choose the ball size to be large, medium, or small. When the size of the ball is smaller, it will be more difficult to control the ball because that is why we recommend choosing a large ball in the first match. In the game, by taking three different rewards appearing in the field you can have an advantage. The player who scores five points in the game wins the game.

Control the game

Player 1

Use WASD to play

Player 2

Use the arrow keys to play