Penalty Shootout Game

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Penalty Shootout HTML5

Penalty Shootout

Penalty Shootout

Penalty Shootout is a game of shooting in Penalty. This game you will be making penalties or becoming a goalkeeper. Practice online before participating in official tournaments with famous teams in the world.
You will be transformed into a player or goalkeeper who makes a penalty kick with a computer. Choose your preferred country and choose the country for your computer to start the penalty shootout.
When you shoot there will be some errors, maybe the goalkeeper will catch your ball but that’s okay, you still have many opportunities. When in attack, you will have to choose the right time to shoot. When it is the turn of the computer to kick, you need to take the goalkeeper to the position where the ball will move to not be conceded. After 5 rounds, if both teams score equally, they will add another round to decide the winner, continue until you find a team to score higher.
Shoot penalties to score goals and win the English football championship. Penalty Shooters will take you to 32 teams including Stoke City, Manchester United and Wolverhampton …
The way to play is extremely simple but whether in the position of goalkeeper or kick you also need to prepare yourself a reasonable strategy, not to despise the opponent to be able to win with the highest score.
At the beginning, you will find it difficult to catch the ball or kick the ball into the net, when you have time you will get used to it and will perform more effectively. With regular practice and hard work make sure you will beat every opponent in this game and win the top position.
The game is completely free so you don’t have to worry about paying when downloading or playing this game.

How to play Penalty Shootout game

Penalty Shootout uses the mouse to point to the position you want to shoot, when you shoot there will be some deviations, so do not shoot too far. At the same time use the mouse to bring the goalkeeper to the appropriate catch position.