Return Man 3 html5

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Return Man 3 html5 game

Return Man 3

The task of the game in Return Man 3 is very easy: just guide your football hero into the yellow circle in time to catch the ball. If you lose the ball on the go, make sure you pick up the ball before the defender has a chance to catch it again. If you do not make it to the destination, the game ends, you will have to start over again.

Run to the yellow circle in time to catch the ball.
Make it around defenders using your blockers to get to the end zone. If the defenders strip the ball from you, be sure to pick up the fumble before they recover it. If you don’t make it to the end zone, you’ll lose a possession.
Key controls:
[I] = Run forward up the feild
[J] = Run left
[K] = Run down the feild
[L] = Run right