Smurfs Football Match Game

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Smurfs Football Match HTML5

Smurfs Football Match

Smurfs like to play football when they have free time. In Smurfs Football Match game, you can gather a skilled Smurfs team to play football. The task of the player is to control the Smurfs team members to run, move the ball on the field, and put it into the goal. If the opponent blocks the ball, you will have to do everything you can to prevent him from earning points.

Put yourself in the green skin of one of them and participate in the game. You can also play with friends or family members on the same local computer in a 2-player mode. Where each player controls a Smurf. Smurfs Football Match has three game modes: quick, career, explosive.

How to play

Arrows: Move

Ctrl: Shoot

Alt: Overcoming