Soccer Superstars (Arcade) Game

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Soccer Superstars (Arcade) HTML5

Soccer Superstars (Arcade)

Instructions Game

Insert coin: Keyboard – Shift
Start: Keyboard – Enter
Move: Arrow/Cursor keys

More: Open Controls Settings


Soccer Superstars (Arcade) is a soccer game that combines RPG elements with pixel graphics but with 3D perspective. Train players and teams to win the gold cup.

Run, pass the ball, dodge the defender and then shoot the ball spectacularly scored. Smoothly move, passing the ball back and forth until you can make a precise shot into the goal.

Soccer Superstars (Arcade) has many teams with different attack, strength, and technical stats. There are many game modes, including World Cup, European Cup, regional leagues and an optional tournament called My League. This is a game just action but comes with unimaginable humor.

How to play

Use the keyboard