Sports Head Basketball Game

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Sports Head Basketball HTML5

Sports Head Basketball

Sports Head Basketball is a big head game where you have to complete the championship and win all the matches. In each match, you have one minute to score more points than your opponent.

You can score points with your head or arm. Use special privileges on the field to activate new skills. Join now for great moments

Move with the arrow keys, jump with the up arrow, and kick with the space bar.
Jump on a springboard for a super-jump. Springboards take 5 seconds to recharge. Hitting power-ups with the ball will affect the game in variuos ways: speed boost, increases jump, ices opponent, preventing movement, grow, breaks your hand, breaks springboards for you, decreases speed, decreases jump, ices yourself, preventing movement, shrink, breaks opponent’s hand, breaks springboards for opponent, dull ball, bouncy ball, big ball, small ball, streaker.

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