Sports Heads Soccer Championship Game

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Sports Heads Soccer Championship HTML5

Sports Heads Soccer Championship

Sports Heads Soccer Championship

Sports Heads Soccer Championship is a funny soccer game. Your goal in this game is to use any other football sports skill to put the ball into the net and charge it up to the table with your favorite Premier League club. The more games you win, the more points you will receive to upgrade your player to help you earn the title.
Football tactics vary from team to team and from country to country. Some teams like to keep the ball down, pass lots and try to hypnotize their opponents. On the other hand, we have football teams that like to play long balls, trying to get the ball as quickly as possible. To achieve that, they overcame the hope that their strikers and deep-strikers would win the first title and create opportunities for goals.
The game will give players extremely comfortable and excited about putting the ball into the opponent’s net. This is not a virtual football match but a real competition. All the thrills, suspense, and stress will appear clearly when you join this game. Are you ready to participate in this dramatic match? Get ready to become a top scorer in every match!

How to play Sports Heads Soccer Championship

In single-player mode: To control this top soccer game, players use the arrows on the keyboard to control the character. You will also need a mouse or touchpad to navigate during the game setup. Press space to kick.
In two-player mode: you will have to use the same keyboard for the controls (one will use the arrows to control the first player and the second player will use the keys W, A, S, D to control).