Super Ultra Baseball 2 Game

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Super Ultra Baseball 2 HTML5

Super Ultra Baseball 2

Instructions Game

Insert coin: Keyboard – Shift
Start: Keyboard – Enter
Move: Arrow/Cursor keys

More: Open Controls Settings


In Super Ultra Basketball 2 game, you can choose from teams in two standard leagues and one “Ultra” tournament; The second tournament contains players who can perform super-powerful feats while pitching, batting, or fencing. Most athletes are drawn to be humorous buffs, to play in superhero angles.

In the game, there are 3 tournaments: Sunny, Paradise, and Ultra. Each tournament has 6 teams. In the Ultra League, pitchers and fighters have special powers that enhance their abilities, giving the game a surreal feel rare in the sports genre. Players can even create their own baseball teams and assign special moves to the players they name themselves. The game can be played in show mode, season, or All-Stars.

Control to play game

Use the mouse to play