Wrassling Game

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Wrassling HTML5



Wrassling is an extremely interesting two-player wrestling game.
Your goal in this game is to get your opponent out of the ring.
You can play in single player or two player mode with full of challenges. Play challenging 1-player mode, unlock new achievements like hats and play local 2-player matches with a friend in VS or Co-op Mode.
You will eliminate your opponent by turning your arm and try to bury your opponent to submit and knock them through the ropes. At the same time you must use a series of swing combinations and avoid being thrown out of the ring. You can move forward or backward and you can hold the opponent with your arm and you can throw the opponent out of the ring.
Defeat rivals and prove yourself as a professional wrestler. Get high scores to be named in the player achievement rankings.
Beautiful game interface, interesting sounds, funny character shaping and compelling content will bring players the fun to play.
The game is free to download and when played, it is suitable for all players so anyone can join this game.
You can play anytime, anywhere, this game will help you relax very well after a day of hard work and study and help you kill time very well, such as when you wait for the bus, you are Waiting for someone or you are in line.

How to play  Wrassling

Wrassling is played through the following controls:
1 player mode: Use Z and X to rotate arms and arrow keys to move and jump.
2-player mode: Player 1 uses WASD and X, C. Player 2: Use arrow keys and O, P.
The game will bring players many interesting things, you will be able to overcome different scenes, fight and win all enemies, all different terrains. Wish you will have moments of fun gaming at our website.