Math Man Game

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Math Man HTML5

Math Man

Math Man

Math Man is a funny pacman game. Having lots of options out there to help educate your children is always a great thing, especially today with games being an exciting part of every child’s life. Math Man is a free educational game based on the TV show based on Pac Man. So if you remember Pac Man from the old days, Math Man also had that simple concept and turned it into education.
This is a simple flash game in which you use the arrow keys to move Math Man around the levels. Math Man is to move around a maze to catch ghosts in the game. First you have to eat a special food. When a particular food is eaten, you will be given a recipe. You need to solve mathematical formulas and eat ghosts. Therefore, you can only eat ghosts with some equation solvers. The questions may be difficult, but the rewards are huge in the game and in real life for your child. This game can work as an online math tutor for kids as it will help solve various math equations and formulas.
Math Man will be a popular game of students. The harder levels are suitable for junior high school students or even higher, who have little practice knowledge. How to play Math Man is also quite simple. You need to navigate your way to eating ghost meat with the total answer numbers at the bottom of the screen. If you eat a star, the ghosts will freeze for a second. Hopefully all of you will love this retro Math Man game.

How to play Math Man

Use the arrow keys to move Math Man around in the maze