The Impossible Quiz 2 Game

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The Impossible Quiz 2 HTML5

The Impossible Quiz 2

The Impossible Quiz 2

The Impossible Quiz 2 is the sequel to Impossible Quiz – one of the hottest fun entertainment games right now, it’s a fun, funny intellectual playground. With a unique way of playing, beautiful interface, simple gameplay, the game is suitable for all ages, especially children.
In The Quiz Impossible 2 game, you will still face many difficulties and challenges, those tough questions. The task of the player is to use their logical, cunning and intellect abilities to complete the given questions related to a wide variety of topics. To overcome all questions, you need to be equipped with knowledge in many areas. In this version the questions are even harder and sometimes you have to work against the clock before a giant bomb explodes. Moreover, at random points, you can find strength to help you progress through the test.
Features of The Impossible Quiz 2
The hidden power is found and used
Good music
Fun questions, but most of them are not ordinary “simple” questions

How to play the game The Impossible Quiz 2

Use the left mouse button to enter the correct answer
In each turn, you will have 3 lives, each question will have 4 answers, you will choose 1 of those 4 answers. If the answer is wrong, you will lose 1 network. If you lose 3 lives, the game will end. You can start playing again from the beginning, the question – the answer is the same as the previous game. So you need to remember the answer of each question.
Some gaming tips
Can play in full screen mode.
Game sounds can be turned on / off.
Use the Skips and Bombs feature to overcome questions you cannot answer.
The Impossible Quiz 2 gives players a sense of relaxation and entertainment, while also providing valuable and useful knowledge in life. What are you waiting to play The Impossible Quiz 2 game to conquer these interesting questions! Wish you win!