Wander Words Game

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Wander Words HTML5

Wander Words

Wander Words is a new word puzzle game that’s a cross between a word search and a jumble. Trace a path through all the letters in each puzzle to find the word or phrase that fits the clue. Find famous films, phrases, food and more!

Choose your fate. Will you take a straight path, or move through the more complex one? Help lead the Wanderer to unravel the secrets of the kingdom. Uncover the hidden treasures that will help our wandering adventurer fulfill his quest to place all the tiles on the board. Roam the land and reach its unique places to unlock special bonuses and power-ups. But be warned! The Word Wanderer Board can baffle you with its adaptive choice of words that are left for you to place.

How to play Wander Words game

Use the mouse to control this game