Don't whack your boss Game

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Don't whack your boss HTML5

Don't whack your boss

Don’t Whack Your Boss

Hitting your boss has never been so easy when you enter the game Don’t Whack Your Boss. Do you want to slash him with Wolverine claws or knock him out with ice like a warrior from Mortal Kombat ?. This game will help you relieve stress from your fastidious boss. With 24 different ways to conquer players is a completely interesting thing, and the game will help you remove all stress at work, especially nasty things coming from your boss.
Coming to Don’t Whack Your Boss, you will find unique and interesting ways to mistreat your boss. In this game, you have incredible superpowers. Feel like Spider-Man, Iron Man or Jedi Knight. Test your new skills and destroy your boss! Hang him on the web, shoot from powerful guns or cut with a light sword, etc. Use your imagination and a variety of superpowers to kill a lot.
Delete your memories to make yourself more comfortable in the next working hours with this extremely attractive game. You have the right to torture your boss to your liking without having to fear anything like being scolded, losing a job, or even committing crimes. This can be considered as a stress relief game for anyone who is warmed up to the best superiors that not every game can bring.

How to play Don’t Whack Your Boss

The game is controlled very simply when you just use the mouse to perform operations in this exciting and entertaining game.
Note: Please, do not do anything in real life because the game contains violent sequences and must be reserved for the public with information.